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What is the difference between Iaido and Kendo?


He had been sober for almost a year, but he gave into temptation around New Year's Day.

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I'm afraid you're going to have to release Vance.

There was enough water for two days.

Have you read Kenton Jackson's book?

I asked him several times, but he simply didn't reply.

However, Lucy is about to leave her home.


He told me to be kind to others.

One shouldn't make promises one can't keep.

Christmas Gingerbread / honey cake is a traditional dessert of Germany

It's nothing like that.

Dan nearly choked Linda to death.

Please give us a 20-30 min. time slot for our presentation.

Bryan couldn't wait to be with Syun.

We can download and install Klavaro to learn touch typing.

Jong took a picture of Svante.


Heat sesame oil in the pan on a medium flame, add the chicken meat, the garlic and fry, when the colour changes pour in the Chinese soup, add the Chinese cabbage and boil.

The sea was warm today.

His idea was imprinted on my mind.

My objective is to speak your language.

Do you not understand?


By degrees the friendship between him and her grew into love.

I enjoy intellectual conversations.

Kusum couldn't be contacted.


Adrian couldn't rest.


She could not help thinking that health is important.

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Do you want to watch football?

She is two years younger than me.

The decision is not final.


Don't ever leave Sherri alone.

I am wondering if I could be of any service to you.

The young woman who works at the bakery is pretty.

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Some of the photographs lack definition.


Do not accept gifts.


Italy is called "Italia" in Italian.

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Stop being such a dork.


That's how I was raised.

One day in a wide, flowery field he met a bear, a big Russian bear.

Talking about it is a waste of time.


He is to go to Tokyo on business.

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The room is too small.

Why would you ever want to do a job like that?

A boy was walking with his hands in his pockets.

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He turned to his friends for help.

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Ritchey shared the food that his mother had given him with his friends.

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Without air and water, nothing could live.

Jane, aware that he would soon have to board the train to Boston, had passionately clung to Van on the station platform.

I've never been fishing with Duke.


Can you tell me about him?

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The bathroom's on the left.

I don't know what I'm doing here.

You could help us.


Kelly cut physical education and went home.


The pity is that he has failed.


What are you trying to do?


Iron is used in ship construction.

I love the way she laughs.

The United Nations will deal with that international problem.


They're probably sleeping.

What's Cory's wife like?

Have a taste.

Correlations such p<0.05 were considered statistically significant.

Everything's ready.

Seenu works for a large financial institution.

I think that I want to apply for the job in the advertisement.

Please escort Lou to his quarters.

Shyam is really gorgeous.

There are forty thousand cameras in Urumqi.

I worked during all my studies so now I have enough money.


I've never eaten Chinese food.


You cannot do all these things at once.

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This girl comes from Japan.


Did you say something to me?

I think you dropped this.

Lui doesn't make friends easily.

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It will cost 500 dollars to fly to Paris.

I missed my stop. How long does it take to reach the next stop?

They were so happy together.

Everyone looks happy.

I'd never wear a tracksuit.

We have all the information we need.

I would love to go.

Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

I'm glad you said that.

You're not late.

I was having dinner with my parents.


I arrived in Boston at 2:30.

There's a two hour time difference between Buenos Aires and New Jersey.

I need to finish mowing the lawn.


I was very impressed.


We sympathize with you.

Thanks to his recommendation, I was able to get a teaching job at a college in Tokyo.

This is the picture I took of Indra's house.

He practices playing the guitar far into the night.

Let's not gloat.


I saw you talking on the phone.

I'd be in favor of that.

He'll regret it sooner or later.

I thought Geoffrey had left town.

You're wasting ammo.


How can I make Raymond stop?

The 2010 eruption of a volcano in Iceland caused many problems for European travelers.

It is the steamed potato!

Here's some water.

I'm going to count to three.


Frankly speaking, he is wrong.

She took the risk, knowing that she might lose a lot of money.

Japan is very different from what it was fifty years ago.

That's no surprise.

Russell saw that Valerie was still asleep.

The first day of the year began with noise.

He stayed at the hotel for as long as a month.

They don't have enough friends.

Shelly's really filled out since the last time I saw her.

Look at that boy!

She's the girl whose performance won an Oscar.

If it'll help, I'll go talk to Butler.

Amarth stayed at this hotel for three weeks.

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I still can't help wondering what happened to Chuck.

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I can't get sexual satisfaction.

She acknowledged having made a mistake.

She is second to none when it comes to cooking Chinese food.

Do it yourself and do it right away.

You survived.

We abhor violence.

There is a large supermarket.

Lock the door without fail.

Lana is watching.

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It's all perfect.

Is it necessary for me to answer this letter?

Someone should tell Meehan.

What do you say to that, Jean-Christophe?

Keep silent while he is playing the piano.

Dan didn't even have the decency to thank Linda.

This chair is ugly.

I loved Boston.

He is reading a book in his room.

I was fully alive to the danger.

It's really important.

Rudolf is the person who killed Herbert.

Don't try to speak.


That would fix the problem.

I wish you could meet Jaime.

Tollefsen eats a lot of Chinese food.

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This man is your friend.

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Gestural language had, however, serious limitations, since it could not be used in the dark or at distance.

I volunteered.

It's not what it looks like.

He felt a sudden urge to write a novel.

I'm ashamed to say that it's true.


I knew you'd be in here.

Where are you sitting?

Let's make it brief.

What's the difference between a village and a city?

How long will it take for alterations?